Monday, April 23, 2012

Intention Statement

     The world around me is a thing that is changing so drastically that it has become nearly impossible for me to understand what is around me. It is constantly pushing its own signs and messages onto me and nothing is sticking. To attack this lack of understanding the world around me and its contents my own form of art has developed. My pieces look to reanalyze, reinterpret and recreate forms from these outside, worldly forces and make a record of them as they would exist in my own conscious understanding of the environment that is surrounding me. Images and figures and documents are no longer static, calculating and unreadable, but are fluid and vivid and contain all the passion and deep-felt emotion that they originally had before being passed down from one supposed source to another. The works are aiming to remake history into a completely emotional and visual arena that is just as absurd and beautiful as it supposedly already is.  

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