Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Project 3: The Process

So after the first test prints (Image to come soon), the process for this final project has been focused down to this:

1. Print film image on transparency sheet, not sure on size right now, but probably similar to project 1 final size

2. Transfer image onto wood panel (ply wood with a birch top layer) using the Super Sauce solution. During the transfer I need to be careful about smearing the image/press marks from my fingers, unless I want some kind of distortion in the final print.

3. Light layer of drawing with oil pastel on top of image - being careful to not overwhelm the image.

4. Light coat of beeswax. A light coat will add to the physicality of the piece, and will not fully fade out the image.

5. Possibly another layer of pastel drawing followed by a second light beeswax coat.

So now the next step is to think about image pint size, wood size and the number of pieces I want in this project.

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