Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thoughts After Homework 1

honestly, after going through the process of the first homework assignment i have decided that i do not want to explore the medium of film further. in my opinion there are just too many factors to be thinking about when recording film (lighting, set-up, sound, actions, etc). i feel that the medium of still pictures are more what i would like to proceed with as i have more experience with them, and i feel like i could relate to the process and products more then if i was working with film.

with this in mind i was very interested in looking at the different "homemade cameras" that people have used. i particularly like the digital pinhole cameras, heliochromy, and photoacustics images. after looking at these images, i would really like to explore the relm of "blurry" photography, or some craft some sort of pinhole camera to use with either my digital camera or my film camera.

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