Monday, February 28, 2011

Artist Talk: Mary Early

     Mary Early is an artist born, raised and working in and around the Washington DC area. She is a sculptor who primarily works with beeswax, wood and resin among other substances. Her works call to mind natural occurring objects and subjects. In her own words Early stated that she intended to, "Make works that seem like they made themselves." At the same time Early creates works that "exploit" the architecture of the rooms that contain them through a "repetition of line". By exploiting the architecture of a gallery, she sets out to hint at the idea that a shape (as seen in her pieces) in space can continue infinitely.
     This was the idea that I found most compelling during Mary Early's talk. The idea that these works/shapes are only the start of something much larger places a much larger emphasis on interaction with the viewer. I also thought it was very interesting that Early fully accepts the "accidental variations" that come up during the creative process, as when she is assembling her large wooden "honeycomb-like" works with a mix of water and glue. As the water causes the wood to slightly warp, Early fully works with this as a key factor of the piece; and this, in my opinion, makes the pieces seem way more natural and even more "familiar" to a viewer as the piece does not actually seem "perfect."Hearing Mary Early talk about her work and seeing photographs of her work makes me want to be able to experience the works first hand.

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